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Barry Town - Edwardian porn

Barry Herald, June 21st, 1912
Association Football
Professional Club for Barry Dock

Rapid strides are being made in football circles in the Barry district. For the first time in the history of the town there will be two powerful clubs participating in the leading competitions.

A professional club has been launched in connection with the Barry Dockers Brass Band and Athletic Institute, a club that was founded several months ago with the express purpose of providing the town with the express purpose of providing the town with a professional team capable of holding its own with the best teams now figuring in Welsh football.

Amongst the promoters are such well known exponents of the game as Joe Sheldon, Ike Sheldon, Manny Prince, and many others who have in past years done yeoman service towards placing Barry in a prominent position. The new club is in a sound financial position, and will be more than equal to the demands made upon its resources.

Two suitable grounds are at the disposal of the club. Negotiations are in progress with several well known players from West Bromwich, Birmingham, Middlesbrough and Nottingham districts, and with the fine talent at their disposal the new club will provide powerful opposition to all comers.

Application has been made to the 2nd Division of the Southern League, and the 1st Division of the Welsh League.