Monday, 30 April 2012

Honouring the Barry Dock Albions AFC

Barry Dock Albions 

The Barry Dock Albions were one of the most successful clubs in Barry's fledgling history.  With the tussle between the rugby football code and the association code not yet reaching a conclusion in the young town, Barry Dock Albions did their level best to promote 'socker' in Barry.  

Formed in the 1890s, the club played local sides in and around Barry and its district, but in the 1901-02 season opted to join the Cardiff & District League 4th Division.  Winning that, they were promoted to the 3rd Division for 1902-03. 

They won that division as well, and moved to the 2nd Division in 1903-04.  Finishing as Runners-up, they were promoted to Division One and finished off the 1904-05 as Champions of the Cardiff & District League.  Here they are with 4 season's worth of medals.  Nice.

The club, which all but dominated Barry football, no doubt helped form the opinion that, with Barry teams dominating the Cardiff teams, Barry should have it's own league.  By 1907-08 the Barry & District AFL was formed.  Cardiff had its own noisy neighbour...

Friday, 27 April 2012

If only Barry had a proper team, we'd be good.

Cardiff City - 2
Cardiff & District League XI - 1

Cardiff City are looking Barrywards for talent.

At any rate the "Cardiff" District team, who at half-time were level with Cardiff City at Ninian Park on Saturday, and were eventually narrowly beaten by two goals to one, were composed of these following "Cardiff" players;

Goal, Eli Lewis (Barry Island FC); back, Billy Jennings (Bethel Baptists FC); half backs, J.Laity (Barry Island FC); and C.Moore (Pyke Street Old Boys FC); forwards, R.Jones (Bethel Baptists FC), William Saunders (Pyke Street Old Boys FC); Cartwright (Barry Island FC), and J.Moyst (Pyke Street Old Boys FC).

The goal-keeping of Eli Lewis was a great feature of the match, as was the goal scored by Laity. Moyst played a keen forward game, and Jennings was also prominent.

Barry juniors did well, and it does seem as if, instead of a multiplicity of junior teams, many of whom do not survive, as at present, that two really strong junior teams could be formed locally, who would carry all before them.

Barry Herald, April 26th, 1912‏


NOTE : 6 months later, Barry Football Club was formed, and they did get to carry all before them, but had to wait until the Southern League title winning season of 1920-21 to do so. The boy Jennings, who got a mention above as being 'prominent' in the match, helped form that inaugural Barry Town team.  That was until he was snapped up by Bolton Wanderers. He would later win two FA Cup medals for Bolton Wanderers.

Monday, 23 April 2012

It's all kicking off!

FINAL SCORE : Barry District AFC 0-5 Ton Pentre

Immediately after this match there were several regrettable incidents, the genesis of which was to be found in an incident late on in the second half.

The Ton left half back, Holmes, stated to me that a stone was thrown at him, and he made as if to go towards the person who threw it, but, seeing his age, he refrained.

This evidently roused the ire of the youngsters, who at the close of the match raced down the Buttrills Hill and took up a point of vantage on the bank opposite.

From this spot, mud - and, it is alleged, stones - were thrown on to the Ton players, a number of whom beat a hasty retreat to the dressing room, followed by the youngsters.

The Ton team were very sore on the matter, and they all expressed great indignation at the treatment they had received on the way back, and alleged that several stones were thrown, a number of them being hit.

It must, however, be stated that the alleged offence came from irresponsible youngsters, who afterwards congregated to the number of several hundreds opposite the District dressing room, cheered as the Barry players as they arrived, and gave ironical cheers to the Ton players.

A policeman was on the scene, and prevented anything further. The District Committee-men, immediately after the incident in the match, took steps to prevent any recurrence of unpleasantness.

The Barry Herald, January 19th, 1912