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The Irate Eight - Revisited

From : The Football Association of Wales
Date : 23 September, 1991

To :  
Bangor City FC;  
Barry Town FC;
Caernarfon Town FC; 
Colwyn Bay FC;
Merthyr Tydfil FC; 
Newport AFC;
Newtown FC;  
Rhyl FC.

Dear Sirs,


It appears from recent Press reports that there are still remain certain misconceptions regarding the position of Welsh clubs hoping to continue to play in England rather than to play in Welsh football.

In order that you may fully understand the position adopted by The F.A. of Wales, and which was referred to at all meetings previously held regarding the formation of a national championship, the provisions are set our below:

1. The FA of Wales will seek, as one of its main objectives, entry to the European Champions Clubs’ Cup and to the UEFA Cup by the champion club and runner-up respectively of The League of Wales.

2. The FA of Wales will continue to nominate the winners of the Welsh Cup for entry to the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

In pursuit of these objectives, the FA of Wales will take into account the objections previously raised by UEFA, and particularly the refusal to approve a competition in which the leading clubs do not take part because they are playing in the national championship of another association.

To meet that objection, the FA of Wales will not grant sanctions under Rule no.62 to any club to join the English pyramid leagues in season 1992-93 and thereafter.  The Association will shortly hold a meeting with the Football Association regarding the possibility of any club wishing to play in England being able to affiliate directly to one of its member County Associaitons and thereby ceding its status as a Welsh club for the purpose of playing in competitions and for the registration and disciplining of players, etc.

However, if this procedure is not acceptable to UEFA in recognising the League of Wales as being a proper Welsh championship for the purposes set out above, then I have to inform you that the Association is agreed that clubs will not be allowed to play henceforward in England.

It is important to refer at this point to the standing of the clubs playing in The Football League.  These clubs are staffed by full-time professional players.  We acknowledge that The League of Wales will not be able to provide for these clubs on such a basis and we further note that to force the three clubs to break te contracts held would subject them to stringent penalties under the Employment Act and for restraint of trade.  Therefore, with UEFA’s permission, these clubs will continue to play in The Football League and to be eligible for participation in the Welsh Cup.  No semi-professional club based in England will be offered that participation as from next season.

We have agreed that meetings will be held with The Football Association and with UEFA during October to examine the situation further.  However, UEFA’s committee will not meet until mid-December, and I do not foresee a definitive statement until that time.

The Association has made it clear that it will proceed with its plans for the new Championship, but it will be prepared to meet with each and every club for further discussions if that should be your wish.

Yours Faithfully,

A. E. Evans

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