Monday, 24 June 2013

Foster's - a good call?!

The very same terse announcement that was/is posted on the FAW website was sent to Barry Town United's email inbox in PDF format. Emblazoned on that PDF letter, and on the website, were the logos of the main sponsors of the FAW. Frankly, it was sickening, and a bit of a blooper on the part of the FAW.

The Foster's 'Good Call' advert coming just a few centimetres away from a message that to all intents and purposes condemned Barry's senior football team to death seemed too much like a spectacular own goal to waste.

We've urged all of our supporters to contact the main sponsors of the FAW to announce their displeasure at their misused sponsorship logos and we believe this is slowly starting to have some affect. If the FAW won't listen to fans, perhaps they'll listen to money - being put back in the pocket.

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