Friday, 7 June 2013

Justice for Barry Town United : The Petition

It started off as a wish for about 100 people to sign our online petition in order to inform the Football Association of Wales that Barry Town United deserves to be in Division One. 100 is our average home attendance, so we weren't aiming above our station. We wanted to get these signatures to the FAW in time for the Council meeting that decides our fate next week.

Within hours we had over 400 signatures. Quite amazing for a club our size. The injustice of it all appears to struck a nerve that supporters up and down the country are simply fed up of being walked over.

The BTSC was running a Division One football team, with a Division One set-up. We were removed from the League against our will by the owner of the name of Barry Town AFC. That whole BTSC team wishes to be recognised as a football club and placed in Division One of the Welsh League. Barry Town AFC was killed off, before its time in an act of sheer spite and was a terrible injustice to everybody that has owned, played for and supported this Welsh football institution. The fact that it was even allowed to do it is appalling, but them's the Rules. That's gone now. He was allowed, and it happened.

But now comes the justice. The Welsh FA have a Rule 11.1 which gives them the authority to place Barry Town United in the Division of their choosing. It HAS to be Division One.

Agree with us? Fans over owners? Please sign our petition which we will be handing to the Welsh FA next week.

And thank you!

Justice for Barry Town United : The petition

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