Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Barry Town Centenary

Yes, Barry Town is just about 18 months away from celebrating 100 years of football.  Or, about 90 years of ruined lives and sporting aspirations, depending on how grumpy you are from one day to the next.

A lot of literature has the year the club was formed as 1912.  In fact, all of the literature that I've seen quotes a date of 1912.  Well, this is down to the fact that the company that first created the football club was incorporated in 1912. 

Barry Town's first game came some time later, as part of the 1913-14 season where The Linnets were placed in the Southern League and the Welsh League.  For me, our Centenary therefore should come in the 2013-14 season.  Let's celebrate the football - not the company.

Any numpty can own a company, the fans own the football.  2013 it is, then.  See you there?

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