Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fans of my Fathers. Whingers, 90 years ago.

Barry Dock News – August 27, 1920

Football Gossip by “Sphere”

No matter where we go, we shall always find those undesirables who are never satisfied, and whose aim in life seems to be to make everyone else dissatisfied. There were quite a number of these at Jenner Park on Saturday last, at the final trial match in connection with Barry AFC.

It was during the half-time interval that they made themselves most obnoxious, when everyone had to hear their opinions upon the abilities, or the short comings, of this player or that, opinions which no one wanted, and which everyone could have very well done without.

It would be beneficial both to team and spectators if these “boobs” would go
away and play marbles, or some other game more suited to them than football.

Greens 2 Clarets 0
Cowie (pen)

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