Monday, 16 May 2011

A review of the official sales-pitch

Okay, so we've read the statement.  But it hides a painful truth.  Chairman Stuart Lovering has intentions to turn the Barry Town clubhouse, the Jenner Rooms, into a cocktail bar and restaurant.  Do away with the burden of football which has disinterested him since relegation in 2004, and concentrate on a bar with steady takings at the till.  The 100 year old football club can be done away with.  Fuck it.  Fuck you.  Fuck us.

As a business, fair enough.  But this is a FOOTBALL CLUB.  It has 100 years behind it, and it will die in 6 weeks unless it can be prized from the grip of the current chairman.

He has previously stated, in a matchday programme of all places just a few weeks back, that this could make him several thousands pounds per week.  He has asked supporters, via the matchday programme, to 'invest' in this opportunity.

The matchday programme is there to give football news to the long suffering supporters.  To give encouragement and backing to the players - who play for NOTHING.  The matchday programme should offer emotional investment in the football club, not a cocktail bar.

The recently released advert from Barry Town initmates that, without a buyer, the club will no longer support the Welsh League side.  I don't doubt it.  However, it will continue to run youth sides and adult sides at a lower level.

The current Barry Town Youth team is completely self-funding.  It is not run by the current owner.  It pays all expenses through player subs etc.  It too plays at Jenner Park.  It pays the rent.  Do not be tricked by the impression that there is a one-club ethos at Barry Town.  There isn't.

No, what exists, at a youth level, are people doing work for NOTHING to provide football for the kids proud enough to say they play for Barry Town.

Pride, that's what it's about.

I see no guarantee in this advert that ANY football will exist at Jenner Park, the home of senior football in Barry since 1913.

The advert also threatens that without a buyer, the senior side will fold.  That's like saying 'buy my house, or I'll burn the roof'.  A prospective buyer will not come in because the owner is threatening to pull the plug.

The owner knows full well that the threat is aimed at the weary fans, used to the fact that this BULLSHIT has been happening almost every year since the current owner came in.

Shortly, I will be listing, chronologically, every single threat to the existence of the club that has ever made it into the public domain.  This will not be an invention on my behalf.  It will be a simple listing, in chronological order, every threat of football extinction at Barry Town that has appeared in the press.

Aside from the fact that the advert skirts around the fact that the owner has publically stated his desire to develop a cocktail bar at the club, one is confused as WHY the first team is being pulled out of the League when there is, apparently, according to the adverts own figures, profits to be made at the football club.

So, let me get this straight?  I can't afford the football, i'm pulling the plug.  If you're interested in buying it though, it DOES make money.

It's all smoke and mirrors.  Just somebody please come in with the money, and save us from this utter utter lunacy.

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