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The Barry Dock News, Friday 27 January, 1922

Dear "Criticus",

A good deal of feeling is being caused at Barry Football Ground in consequence of the policy of the directors in persisting in giving Barry supporters the results of Cardiff City matches each Saturday.

Why is this?

Have we not a football team as well as Cardiff? Last Saturday for instance, the Reserves were playing at home, and although our first team were fighting for their lives at Mid Rhondda, no board was brought around giving the results of their efforts, but the City score was brought around twice. It is not necessary.

All the people who follow the City are at Cardiff, and the Barryites are not interested. Let's have Barry results please, when either the first or second teams are playing away.

And, by the way, what's happened to the band?


From the letters page, Barry Dock News, 27/01/22


This letter from Criticus struck a chord some 90 years later, when the Twitter accounts @BarryTownSC and @StandUpForBarry were created by like-minded fans. Thanks for the heads up, Criticus. Town fans now get almost instantaneous match updates from all over south Wales.

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