Sunday, 13 November 2011

Referee as an ornament

What might be called an excentric match was that played on Barry Island between the Island team (ed: Barry Island United) and Cardiff Riverside (ed: later Cardiff City).  The ground of the home team is not perfection, there being, besides many kopjes (ed: mounds of earth), a telegraph pole in the centre of the field.  It's not exactly in the centre, but is often in the way of the ball, as are the telegraph wires. 

The referee on Saturday's match was also an ornament, being a gentleman on crutches.  However, a man on crutches may be a good referee  The home team had it all their own way on Saturday, scoring seven goals to one.  The scorers were R & J. Flint, W. Brown, and J. Sharp.

Barry Herald, Friday 19th, January 1900

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