Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Remove the O'Halloran Clique

The context :  Previously exiled Barry Town, playing under the guise of 'Barri' at Worcester in the Beazer Homes League, have controversially returned to Wales to play in the Abacus Welsh League - one of the feeder leagues for the new Konica League of Wales.  Jenner Park was still playing host to Barry Town in the Barry & District League. The Linnets, playing in the BDL, was mostly made up of local 'boys'. The Dragons, on its return from Worcester, wasn't.  Barry Town fanzine, The Nomad, performed a supporter survey.  Here were the results from November 1993.

The Nomad, Vol. 2 Issue 2

Survey Results

1. Were Barri Dragons right to leave the Beazer Homes League back in June?

Yes 10%, No 85%, Don't care 5%

2. Should the club have met with supporter reps before the decision was announced?

Yes 100%

3. Do you think that the supporters exert any influence over club policy?

Yes 10%, No 80%, What policy? 10%

4. After the events of the last two years, do you think that Barry should've joined the Konica when it was originally formed, rather than spend a season in exile?

Yes 10%, No 90%

5. Now that Barri have re-merged with The Linnets, will you be watching the new team in;
a) all games, home and away (28%)
b) all home games only (21%)
c) some home and away games (33%)
d) some home games only (11%)
e) none, or very few of either (7%)

6. If none, which teams will you watch instead?

Answers varied from the Barry Town Reserves, Cardiff City, Inter Cardiff, rugby, and 'anybody bar this Barry Town'

7. Do you think that Barry Town are nowe playing in a lower standard of football than they experienced in the Beazer Homes League last season?

Yes 97%, No 2%, Same 1%

8. Do you think that the standard of Konica League football is higher than the Beazer League?

Yes 5%, No 95%

9. Do you expect the standard of the Konica to improve over the next three years?

Yes 65%, No 35%

10. Where do you expect Barry Town to finish in this season's Abacus League

Top - 100%

11. Are you satisfied by the way the Club is being run at the moment?

Yes 14%, No 84%

12. If your answer was 'No', what improvements would you like to see being made?

Answers included;

Removal of the O'Halloran clique
New members on the Board
Bring in more ex-players to help with team development
Reduce prices for pensioners
Get a tea stall
Transfer majoriy of the Club's shares to the supporters
Sack the General and Commercial Managers
Make the Club wholly run by the supporters
Be more accountable to the few fans you have left.

13. Would you like to receive more info on the Club and players?

Yes 95%, No 5%

14. How would you to see the club better publicise itself?

Answers varied from better and more regular press releases to the Press, and a better programme.

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