Monday, 21 November 2011

Jenner Park, pre-season, 1938.

We recently inducted Ernie Carless into the Barry Town Hall of Fame, and coincidentally enough, here is little Ernie in a Barry & District News photograph from 26th August 1938 I discovered while rummaging around my garage looking for the pre-season photo from 1937.   

There he is, front row, 2nd in from the right, next to the player in the striped shirt.  The player in the striped shirt looks all the world to be a fellah named Chris Mason.  His 1950 testamonial match programme is on this website somewhere.  Anyway, Mason was due to spend a few years as a P.O.W. during World War 2 a few years after this snap was taken, but happily returned to the fold in time for the 1946-47 season.  Good work, Chris!  What a fine looking bunch of lads they all are too - and they were destined to defeat Swansea in the South Wales Senior Cup later that season as well.

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